Welcome to the world of Watermen 5-O, your trusted resource for a variety of home services that residents in the LaMorinda region often need while away for extended periods of time.

With warm summer weather upon us, gardens need watering to remain lush and green. Watermen 5-O can provide daily and weekly watering service to ensure the prized petunias are just as peppy upon your return as when you departed.

How about maintaining the swimming pool water level? Does it need a periodic check to prevent a costly refill? Let a Waterman keep an eye on the cement pond while you travel.

And then there’s Fido and Fiffi who need water everyday, not to mention food. Perhaps an after meal airing in the yard or a walk is also needed? Watermen 5-O love pets… but no Great White sharks or jellyfish!

Speaking of food, perhaps you or a loved one are unable to get to the store for groceries? We can help in some homebound instances, too. Make out your list and we’ll send a trusted Waterman to run your critical errands.

These are just a few of the many home services we can provide while you are out of town or housebound due to illness or injury. Watermen are responsible, reliable adults who’s objective is providing quality service while earning your trust. We want to help you on many occasions, not just once.

For a complete menu of the home services Watermen 5-O provides in Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda, CA, please select the SERVICES MENU tab above. Thank you!