WATERMEN 5-O Announces Prize for Developing Shark Repellent

Today, Watermen 5-O announced a cash prize for the successful development of a shark repellent that will deter Great Whites. “We’re seeing unprecedented growth in the Great White Shark population that frequents California’s coast. As the Pacific Ocean’s climate and ecosystem changes, increased interaction between humans and sharks is unavoidable,” Watermen 5-O’s Head Waterman and Nozzle Operator Kin Robles stated. “Finding a way to co-exist with sharks is critical in protecting both man and these amazing ocean predators. One way to accomplish this goal is thru the successful development of a true shark repellent. This effort is nothing new and has been on the table for decades, but we have not yet found a solution to help sharks quickly and consistently assess man as an undesirable food source. Watermen 5-O is offering a prize of $1 to anyone that develops, tests and provides substantial proof of a Great White Shark deterrent that is safe to fish, man and the ocean.”

While such a small cash award may not lead to meteoric response, if any, Robles hoped that it would at least get creative minds thinking about this ever increasing problem. “A buck probably won’t inspire anyone, but man stumbles across solutions every day,” the 59-year old former surfer turned provider of home care services offered. “Why not add shark deterrence to the list of innovative solutions?”

Watch this recent interaction between a North County (San Diego) surfer and the man in the grey suit.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.39.47 AM



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