Like many in the 5th decade of life, I wasn’t ready to completely retire from work after a successful career in the corporate world. However, I was ready to paddle away from the deadly office jungle and pursue something far less stressful. But what?

I read an article about two guys in a similar demographic who launched a “pooper scooper” service that took off and is now cleaning yards across multiple states. I loved the idea but felt stepping into that specialized line would be rather limiting. Not that Watermen 5-O doesn’t provide Poop-be-Gone service, we can, but it’s not the primary focus I wanted to bring to my East Bay Area market.

As a native Californian, I love the outdoors and especially the ocean. I’m a Pisces so that lends to my love of the water. What better way to spend one’s time than providing services that focus on ensuring the necessary supply of H2O around your house is uninterrupted while you are on vacation or traveling for business.

But my Watermen 5-O is more than just watering. There are a number of services I can provide while you are away to help keep you at ease and focused on the fun of vacation or the business at hand. Pet care. Newspaper and mail retrieval and storage. Shopping for the housebound. Keeping a general eye on things while you travel. I’m certain there are many other ways to provide temporary care for your home that I haven’t even thought of yet! Just drop a line and let’s see what Watermen 5-O can do.

If you require something more than just a neighborhood kid to caring for your castle, then you should consider a trusty Waterman 5-O. I’ve been in the community for 20 years and will still be here for at least another 20!

Kin aka The Big Kinhuna

Chief Waterman and Nozzle Operator