Thank you for paddling to the menu of services provided by Watermen 5-O.

Landscape Service – Summer is here and it’s going to be a hot one. Your lawn may be on the automatic sprinkler system but what about the potted plants or other living flora that needed watering? Watermen 5-O will carefully follow your usual watering pattern to ensure you return to the same flourishing garden you left behind.

  • Daily watering – 30 minute minimum: $15.00 per
  • Daily watering – additional 15 minute increments: $5.00

Mail and Newspaper Service – Don’t send a signal to thieves that you are away. Let Watermen retrieve your mail and newspaper for storage in a secure on-site or remote location.

  • Daily mail/newspaper retrieval and onsite storage: $7.00 per
  • Daily mail/newspaper retrieval and remote storage: $9.00 per

Pet Services – Kennels and pet boarding can be expensive. Watermen 5-O can quality care for your pet without breaking the vacation budget.

  • Feed; replenish water bowl; backyard run time (up to 20 minutes): $15.00 per day
  • Feed your pet; replenish water bowl; 20 minute walk: $25.00 per day
  • Just a 20-minute walk: $15.00
  • Poop-be-Gone: Volume based pricing

Super Saver Combo – Need a combination of Watermen 5-O services? No problem. One daily trip to your home will save you money$$  Just tell us what you need and we’ll provide a discounted price for multiple services.

Homebound Services – Unable to get out and shop for groceries or your other needs? Let a friendly Waterman make the shopping run and fill your order.

  • Shopping trip: $15.00 (1 stop within 10 mile radius of customer home)

Can’t find the exact service you need? Contact The Big Kinhuna to see if we can help. Chances are we can!